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2009 was a turning point for Indian imports of agricultural spray pumps. Until then, their imports had never exceeded the 2-unit/year mark. But thanks to the generosity of UPA II, until GJ2014, India imports more than 2 million units per year! And as might be expected, most of them were imported from China. Ravi Gupta, director of Neptune Sprayers based in Indore, believes there are several reasons why not only India, but the world is making a Beeline for «Made in China» spray pumps. «Thanks to mass production, China can afford to offer new products and designs on a regular basis. The Chinese government offers local exporters 7% of export incentives, making them highly competitive. That`s why buyers from all over the world visit different Chinese trade shows and buy directly from Chinese manufacturers. Due to mass production and regular demand from around the world, Chinese producers can afford significant investments and, as a result, achieve economies of scale,» Gupta told The Dollar Business. But as with most Chinese products, even when it comes to electric sprayers, quality is always a concern, especially the battery quality of battery-powered sprayers and the quality of engines for fuel-powered sprayers. And many Indian fitters have taken advantage of these concerns by importing Chinese components and equipping them with more reliable batteries and engines. In order to increase their credibility, these fitters have also begun to offer guarantees for their products. For this reason, Gupta adds, «Today, many manufacturers only import battery pumps from China and assemble sprayers here in India.» TDB: Is the increase in imports of agricultural injection pumps from China only a function of the price gap? RK: One possible reason could be that few Chinese companies have set up their own production units in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

In the last fiscal year, india`s total agricultural products were also slightly below average. This also affected total imports of spray pumps into India. RK: These spray pumps are necessary for the cultivation of brush, wheat, mustard, cotton and other vegetative crops.