Annotated Specific Sme Instrument Phase 1 Grant Agreement

The collaboration with Zafiro was both fruitful and joyful. The highly professional zafiro team has helped Cyberus Labs at all stages of our preparation to successfully secure co-financing of 2 million euros under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 programme. In particular, Zafiro`s guidance and support in preparing the team for the place personally employed at the European Commission has been invaluable. I recommend Zafiro to any company that wants to get H2020 funds! After accepting your grant, you will be appointed EU project manager with the EC in Brussels. He or she will be your interlocutor during your project. In case of problems, problems or questions, it can inform you on how to solve your problem. Don`t hesitate to contact the EU project manager. Remember: they are not there to annoy you, they want the project to be as successful as you! Our collaboration with Zafiro has been of a very high standard, in a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. The benefit of the phase 2 SME grant was our joint success. We recommend Zafiro as a trustworthy and truly committed partner, with whom we have achieved the results of which we are proud. The election of Zafiro for our partner was a great decision that resulted in the victory of phase 1 of the SME-Instrument scholarship.

Your team is always ready to help understand all the procedures and rules of the program. We appreciate their professionalism every step of the way. You know how to win. The cooperation with Zafiro Solutions has enabled us to secure funding from Phase 2 of the Health Cell tool, which appears to have become the largest Horizon 2020 grant ever awarded in Poland and one of the highest in the EU (4 million euros). We appreciate Zafiro`s support and a very professional know-how. They are also very useful in our project management, keep deadlines and results. Our experience in working with Zafiro has been very pleasant and satisfying. They gave us effective guidance in all the application procedures for an H2020 project that allowed us to obtain a PHASE II scholarship for SMEs! It is remarkable from their professional coaching regarding the preparation of the interview in Brussels, giving us all the necessary guidance and experience advice to feel fully confident for this event. We recommend Zafiro as a consulting partner. Our experience with Zafiro has been very satisfying. Your team helped us win the SME tool (phase 1).

Theoretically, you can do everything on your own, but in practice you need professional support and it is important to choose well. We greatly appreciate Zafiro`s commitment and professionalism. Choose them. We have already decided to go to phase 2 with them. We strongly recommend working with the Zafiro team, who have completed all tasks very effectively. They reinforced our proposal by changing it 180 degrees and making it a real success! We appreciate the effective communication and proper management of all the formalities associated with signing the grant contract. Congratulations! You have received a Horizon 2020 scholarship. Before you can start working on the project, you need to complete the final preparatory stages of the grant agreement phase. This phase must be completed within a strict deadline set by the EC.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress and to complete the promotion phase, we give you in this article three tips from our experts within the management team of the Catalyze project. The participating search portal (ECAS) is the online system used for all communication with the EC and the submission of all documents necessary to launch and manage your project.