Article 29.3 Of The Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement

Open access and open data rules will be strengthened, as will the support of researchers. «Promoting open science» is one of the general objectives of the next framework programme. To date (June 2020), it is not clear how to integrate the use of the European Open Science Cloud into the programme. Article 29.2 of the current General Grant Agreement (GMA), which sets out the general rules for each H2020 project, «each recipient must guarantee open access (free online access for each user) to all scientific publications reviewed by experts and relating to their results.» Open data means open access to search data in Horizon 2020. Open access to your search data is always an option in Horizon 2020 as part of the Open Research Data Pilot. Officially, there are no consequences for the evaluation if you opt out. However, in your proposal, you still need to describe how you manage your search data. Here`s a quick look at the jargon of Open Science in Horizon 2020. What`s fair? It is sustainable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data and a set of principles that have guided the sharing of open data in H2020 projects since 2016. The data management plan and its brief description at the proposal stage should show how the data from the «FAIR» project will be.

During the current project, you must keep your data in a repository according to FAIR principles (see below). So far, the European OpenAIRE project is the ideal place to get information on deposits, and Zenodo is so far the main repository. The main rules and legislation of the European Union that influence and influence the Open Science Open Access (research publications) are not an option. It was optional under the previous framework programme (7th PCRD) as a pilot initiative. When researchers participate in their first proposal under the European Research Framework Programme, they often know little about grant agreements and their open access and open data requirements. If you choose to do so, there are two essential formal implications. You don`t need to publish all your data: only data related to your scientific publications and only if they don`t compromise the main purpose of the project. Opening your data should follow the principle «as open as possible, as closed as necessary.»