Barnet Homes Secure Tenancy Agreement

Or a court order is obtained by a tenant who gives them sole possession of the lease. Estate of a lease after April 2012 — flexible rental Safe and flexible tenants have many of the same rights, including: we write to you when we plan to change your lease and ask for your opinions. We will carefully review your comments before making any changes. If you are a first-time Barnet Council tenant, you have an introductory contract for a one-year trial period. Prior to July 2012, the best-performing candidates were granted a secure lease «for life.» Your introductory tenancy agreement automatically becomes a flexible or secure «lifetime» rental agreement after 12 months, unless the circumstances of all flexible tenants are checked at least eight months before their rent expires. For example, flexible tenants may now have enough money to secure a home in the private rental area, or they need fewer rooms. It is only when Barnet Homes invites you to do so that you complete the Flexible Tenancy Review form that you can download here. If a flexible 5-year or 2-year lease is successful, the date of the lease exam does not change. Most council tenants are safe tenants. A safe lease is a lifetime lease. From July 2012, the following tenants will receive a 12-month lease, followed by a lifetime guarantee: The discretionary estate in most cases benefits from a flexible lease, unless the tenant enters a category of people who still receive a lifetime rent. — close relative of the tenant, or someone who had to live with the tenant to look after them, without which the tenant could not maintain their lease can also apply and is a spouse, partner or child of the deceased (unless a flexible rent, then only the spouse or partner can ask) The tenants of tips of false advice mosts are safe tenants.

Safe tenants have strong rights and can only be evacuated in certain situations. Your termination must end on the first or last day of your rental period, unless your lease says otherwise. For example, flexible tenants may now have enough money to secure a home in the private rental sector, or they still need to be accommodated by the Council, but in smaller units because they are understaffed in their current home. The main difference is that flexible tenants have their living conditions checked eight months before the end of their lease to determine if they still need council assistance. Tenants with a flexible two-year lease are helped by supporting barnet homes to help them lead more independent lives and develop skills. In certain circumstances, a tenant`s caregiver may apply for the tenant`s estate — our code of conduct states that we will consider an application for assistance to the order of succession if they can prove that they have lived 12 months as the principal residence in the property, that they have received a care allowance for the tenant and that they also need housing. which can be terminated by a four-week delay and an automatic possession warrant obtained by the court. If you move and sublet your home, you lose your security status permanently. This also applies if you return later. The Council could easily end your rent and everyone who lives there will be evicted.

Your lease is a contract with the Barnet Council, owner of your home. See standard rental agreement. As a secure tenant, you have the right to stay in your home for as long as you wish, as long as you comply with the terms of your rental agreement.