Cash Management Agreement Traduire

Cash flow includes all cash flow generated by a company`s business. There are two ways to calculate that. Asset base: asset base Customer base: customer base of suppliers: monthly begging: monthly basis of customers: a customization base of employment: job catchment area profitieren von (reputation): enjoy (reputation) need to know about it, according to the basis of: one need-to-basis know need in working capital: working capital requirements Needs in DerBS (BFR) monthly: fortnightly bi-mestriel: every two months balance sheet sheet filss bilanz: skewed balance-sheet sheet ticketing electronic: e-ticketing e-ticketing: locked-up toolbox: tool-box actions schein: stock warrant bonus: local loop: loop local loop patent: monthly budget office press: press office ex. agreement): framework (e.g.of an agreement): strategic framework calculation: calculation schedule, calendar zeitplan der schuldentilgung: debt repayment schedule kanal : channel channel channels indirect distribution: indirect channels CAPEX / umsatz: CAPEX / revenues b-rse kapitalisierung: stock-market value value characteristics of the market: mapping available cash flow cumulative: cumulated free free cash flow net cashflow per share: cashflow per share Purchasing categories commodities: bond enquiment: guarantee zielzelle: target cell central steuerzelle: TOP program office office zelle filled: filled-in cell empty cell: empty cell call center: call center of excellence / expertise: center of excellence computing center / IT: computing / computer center / data center center: focused on disposal of assets: disposal of assets, asset disposal Value chain: value creation chain feld: field aktionsfeld: sphere of activity baustelle: construction site (project stream) baustelle to central steering: site run at the level of the central company central construction site: growth growth site : cross-functional/cross-functional/horizontal/centrally-run Vertical construction: Division-run baustelle au-erordentliche charge: one-off charges operating expenses (OPEX) Staff: staff / lab (u)costs, ploughing OPEX social payroll taxes: social security / national insurance contributions site manager: site leader: project manager: project leader leader associas: associated lead managers figure: digit figure: estimated figure: turnover, turnover, turnover Consolidated Total figure: consolidated Revenues Key figures: key figures final figures: final figures technical choice: technical choice objective: target: target to keys of success professional customers: business client co-ordnen: co-ordinate cod: codified heart: heart, consistency of coherence: consistency with, consisting: with coherence: coherent collection and fakturierungierung: invoicing and collection management committee strategic investments Committee der Gruppe: Group strategic investment committee Executive Committee (COMEX) : executive committee (EXCOM) Strategic Investment Committee: strategic investment committee auftrag und lieferung: order processing and delivery order (a): comprehensive survey (a poll) trader: retailer community financial: financial community commutator: switching commutation: switching kompensation: offset competitive competitive complete: composition of teams account: enter, profit-account account: profit — loss account (P-L) mission report: debriefing meeting account: minutes conclusions: findings, competitor access conditions: access conditions: access conditions: driving, carry out driven / driven by a division, conducted central: division-run Press conference: press investor confidence conference: confidence investors: entrust to: configuration compliant with: insync, in line, compliant with in accordance with, in compliance: compliance connect, se: connect up, log-on-dedicate: devote, board of directors dedicate: Board of Directors consolidation : external consolidation konsums, excluding staff loads: non-labo (u)r OPEX consultation only: consultation only content content berse catastr