Dog Walking Agreement Template Uk

In the event of an emergency, the prowler undertakes to inform the customer as quickly as possible using the telephone number in this dog walking contract. If the client is not reachable, the prowler is authorized to take all necessary measures to protect himself, pets and others in this contract, including the requirement or organization of medical or veterinary treatment. The prowler ensures that feces are recovered and disposed of properly while performing the dog`s walking tasks. When setting up a canine walking business, it is important to create a dog hiking service contract and ask each customer to conclude it. The persons listed below are considered the parties who enter into this contract from [contract date]. The idea of writing a contract can be discouraging. In reality, you don`t need to be a legal expert to establish a canine hiking contract between you and your client. The customer can terminate this contract by email or email by written notification. The customer agrees to retract at least 24 hours before the cancellation before the scheduled walk.

If the client cancels their services within 24 hours of the dog walk, the client agrees to pay 50% of the cost for these services to the Walker. Thank you so much for these models, they are really useful. I just wanted to check that they are okay to use in England, since I know Scotland has different rules?! CONSIDERING that the client wishes to hire the prowler and that the Walker is committed to providing services under the full terms of this model of dog hiking contract. Thank you very much for making these excellent models available — so generous and thoughtful on your part! PandaTip: PandaDoc chips are faster than ever. If you use a CRM, you can integrate it into your PandaDoc account to automate token filling when you create new contracts. Start with this template by filling in the tokens right via the menu. And finally, be sure to include certain rules on cancellations in the contract. What happens if a customer stops your services at the last minute? It could have you with empty time that might have been filled with other customers. Do you want to add some kind of cancellation fee to your contract? Both parties agree to the terms of this walking contract for dogs by signing below. In addition to medical issues, it is also wise to ask the owner to take behavioural characteristics into account. Ask if the dog is good with other dogs, if it will hunt the animals and if the dog has a good reminder.

In this way, you reduce some of the risk of an incident that occurs while walking. You don`t need to include legal jargon in your agreement, it`s worth covering any base. If things that were covered by the contract went wrong, it does not necessarily mean that you are acquitted of any legal liability. That`s why it`s always important to take out appropriate canine hiking insurance. With on-site coverage, you are protected if the dog is to be injured, lost, or cause injury to someone else or his dog. In the table above, dog hiking costs are shown on the basis of hourly services. The customer agrees to pay these fees by credit or debit card within 24 hours of the service being provided. The customer is fully liable for damage, loss or injury caused by pets in this dog walking contract. 1. Relationships and responsibilities 1.1.

It is expressly considered that the owner retains the services of the walker as an independent contractor and not as an employee. 1.2. Walker undertakes to perform the services agreed with care, reliability and care, and the owner undertakes to provide all necessary information to assist in this service. 1.3. The hiker undertakes to inform the owner of any dog-related events that may be relevant to the dog`s care and well-being.