Eei Staff Salary Agreement

The centerpiece of the agreement is an easy-to-use workplace free of bureaucracy. The system is a recognized method to help employers establish a fair, fair and rational classification and compensation structure for their employees, whether or not they use the IEE agreement. It includes the ability for employers to pay for the costs of working and accommodation costs for workers tax-free, in agreement with HMRC, without the administrative complications normally associated with this practice, Pay ScalesPayment is carried out on the salary scale of the University of Dundee staff. The salary increases for faculty are in line with the cost of living increases agreed by JNCHES at the national level. In addition, faculty salaries are reviewed annually in October by the university`s remuneration committee. During pregnancy and up to four months after birth, it is illegal to terminate employment unless the relevant authorities have given their prior consent. In practice, the authorities only give this consent in exceptional circumstances (for example. B the closure of the entire company). A woman`s right to terminate her employment contract during this period remains unresolved.

These are issued to all new employees, along with their contracts, with other general staff procedures. German law requires workers to receive 100% of their salary or salary from their employer during the first six weeks of illness. In some circumstances, this six-week period can be triggered more than once a year. These agreements apply with the Unite union (for companies paid every hour) and its EESA employee service (for employees). The salaries set out in the agreement are objectively and quantifiablely linked to the level of remuneration paid on the market as a result of independent research. (i) the three-month written notification of the agent, which is notified in full during the summer holidays, before the first semester begins the maintenance of the salary between the salary and the indicative remuneration of a fully competent worker, is based on benefits, using a formal method of staff evaluation, developed and implemented in the staff salary manual of the agreements, in accordance with the guidelines of the common guide. However, on an exceptional basis, the employee may leave before the beginning of the first semester, subject to:- The Personnel Agreement for the Environmental Technology Industry (IEE) applies to: technical/direction; surveillance; Administrative and office staff and student engineers. During the holiday season, employees are entitled to full compensation.

Often, the employer also grants a special leave bonus as a voluntary staff bonus. These are described in the terms of service for staff and as stated on the staff website. The right to annual leave is transferred only in exceptional cases from one year off to the next.