Msvu Nsgeu Collective Agreement

Karen Harper stated that CupE`s collective agreement does not expire until the end of August, so they have not yet begun negotiations. However, she said members were concerned about possible course cancellations that could result in job losses. Collective agreements, social benefits, pdf documents and MS Word David Westwood, president of the Dalhousie Faculty Association, says they have just begun collective bargaining for next year, and one of the proposals submitted to the association was a five percent pay cut. The Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association (msvuFA) is the certified bargaining partner for all full-time faculties, professional librarians and full-time laboratory professors at the university. «While there`s a lot of uncertainty, they seem to be in a more rush than usual to do things,» Westwood said. Westwood said that in a typical year, the union and the school would generally talk about the summer months and do much of the negotiations in the fall, as soon as they have a better understanding of the budget and their enrolment figures. Westwood has already talked about the work of outsourcing education online. Collective agreements govern salary, benefits, pension, workload and set standards and processes for evaluation, seniority, promotion and more. «Dalhousie`s goal is to continue to focus on our academic mission, support all our employees in these difficult times, and work continuously to avoid greater employment effects, by fairly and balancedly verifying the additional cost savings across the institution,» the email states. News Bulletins, Local Events, Meetings and Impending Timelines The Ministry of Labour and Training was unable to comment in time for publication, but Minister Labi Kousoulis recently stated, after a cabinet meeting, that it was too early to allocate additional funds to universities and that they would examine more closely as soon as schools had an idea of their enrolment. The president of CUPE Local 3912, which represents part-time teachers at St. Mary`s University, Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University, is concerned about the impact that cost-cutting measures could have on part-time workers. The timing is also an issue for Jason MacLean, President of the Government of Nova Scotia and the General Union of Employees.

The NSGEU represents approximately 1,400 employees on the Dalhousie campus, consisting mainly of support staff, furniture staff and craftsmen. He said the negotiation process takes time because they usually ask their members about the type of problems they have and the improvements they would like to see. Dalhousie has already announced cost-cutting measures such as freezing executive salaries. Staff allowance accounts for almost three-quarters of school expenses. «Of course we would prefer to wait for the numbers. We don`t want students caught in the middle of any difficulty negotiating contracts… It is quite difficult for these students to pay higher fees. MacLean said he was aware of the proposed salary cut, as well as a proposal to withdraw pensions, at a Dalhousie presentation last week. Administrators at Mount Saint Vincent University recently ordered department heads to cut 30 percent of part-time faculty salary budgets for the fall semester — which could result in about 100 jobs lost, according to a coalition of university unions that recently asked for state help to avoid job cuts and increased education.

The budget update indicated that the University would use $12.2 million of available reserve funds to reduce the operating deficit to $18.3 million. The school began to reduce costs by reducing non-wage operating expenses by 25 per cent, suspending all university trips, freezing the salaries of some employees, discussing optio