Neighbourhood Houses And Learning Centres Workplace Agreement Pay Tables

If you have questions about paytables, please email key documents specific to our area and defining the role and approach of neighborhood homes and networks in Victoria. If you are unsure of the agreement of your neighbourhood home, contact the ANHLC on 03 954 1104 and they can let you know. If your neighbourhood home is not signed in one of the branch collective agreements (2007, 2008 or 2010) or in another agreement, your repayment terms are subject to the premium system. The awards are the Social, Community, Home Care — Disability Services (SCHADS), Educational Services Post Secondary Education (ESPSE) and Children`s Services Awards 2010 (replacing the SACS VIC, PACCT — Children`s Services Awards). Neighbourhood houses are subject to a large number of employment contracts, depending on the agreements signed by their board of directors, the options are: houses in transit are covered by the agreement of the organization that executes them, for example. B the city council. All neighbourhood houses that have been circumvented by a neighbourhood collective agreement must meet the terms of this agreement. You can download the agreements and the salary schedule using the links below: neighborhood houses that are not registered in a collective agreement of the neighborhood house or that are possibly covered by the contract of their organization are subject to the allocation system. Neighbourhood Houses — Volkshochschulen Collective Convention 2010. For more information on this collective agreement and current pay tables, click here We are pleased to provide you with the new salary schedules for neighbourhood homes, which are covered by multi-employer agreements between 2007-2018.

The Portable Long Service Leave Scheme, introduced on July 1, 2019, ensures that workers can switch from one employer to another without losing their acquired rights, provided they are in the area of contract cleaning, security or utilities. Neighbourhood homes are covered by this mandatory scheme. The plan does not replace the existing leave provisions for long service, but is next to them. The latest pay tables are available in the NHVic Online Resources Library in the Employment Practices section. Upskill with these upcoming learning and development opportunities made available by NHVic and other organizations. Some agreements, including neighbourhood agreements, may have more generous provisions than the statutory minimum, but cannot be covered by the standards described in the legislation. Check the terms of your contract above. Rahmenhaus — Volkshochschulen Collective Agreement 2007 and 2008.