Nj Child Support Agreement

A payer`s maintenance obligation may be increased even if no circumstances have changed apart from an increase in his income. Then it takes into account union dues, taxes, child care, health insurance, and other expenses, and then it comes to the expected cost of raising the child or children in New Jersey. Adjustments are then made based on the number of nights the child or child has spent with each parent. Then the total cost of the child`s education is divided between the two parents. It is not an equal distribution, but a relationship with the net income of each parent. Finally, the amount of family allowances paid by one parent to another is fixed. In New Jersey, the guidelines are based on three parts. The first part is called fixed costs. These are costs that are incurred even if the child or children do not live with their parent. All accommodation costs are fixed in NJ. Variable costs are the second type of cost. .