Peace Agreement Kosovo

But after the signing, it took only a few days for both sides to start interpreting different commitments differently, raising doubts about the amount of the deal to be met — and whether there would be some weight if Trump were removed from office in November`s presidential election. On 19 October 2020, the governments of Serbia and Kosovo concluded a draft agreement to establish a joint committee to search for the remains of some 1,600 ethnicAlly-born Albanians and Serbs who have disappeared since the 1998-1999 Kosovo conflict. [28] By chance, in the Times, on the same day, a report by Stephen Kinzer of Ankara indicated at least one more credible answer to Friedman`s rhetorical question. He writes that «Turkey`s best-known human rights defender has been imprisoned» to serve his sentence for «asking the state to reach a peaceful solution with the Kurdish rebels.» A few days earlier, Kinzer had obsessively suggested that there was more about history: «Some [Kurds] say they were oppressed under Turkish rule, but the government insists that they enjoy the same rights as other citizens. One wonders whether this is really up to par with some of the most extreme ethnic cleansing operations of the mid-1990s, with tens of thousands of deaths, 3,500 villages destroyed, some 2.5 to 3 million refugees and abominable atrocities, easily compared to those recorded daily in the coverage of selected enemies, widely reported but ignored by major human rights organizations. These achievements were achieved through massive U.S. military support, which intensified under Clinton when atrocities reached their peak, including jets, helicopter gunships, insurgent equipment and other means of terror and destruction, as well as training and intelligence information for some of the worst murderers. A new summit at the White House was organized by Grenell and scheduled for September 3 and 4, 2020. Grenell was a co-facilitator with Robert C. O`Brien. [7] On 4 September, Serbian President Aleksandar Vuéié and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti signed the agreements. [7] The signing ceremony took place on September 4, 2020 in the Oval Office of the White House, in the presence of U.S. President Donald Trump.

[8] Two separate documents were signed, one by Vuéié and the other by Hoti. The only difference between the two was the final clause on relations with Israel. Both documents were preceded by a congratulatory note from Donald Trump. [9] TIRANA, Albania — A Swedish lawmaker said Friday that it has appointed the governments of the United States, Kosovo and Serbia for their efforts toward a peace agreement between the two former opponents of the Balkan war. While the facts and rotation are very different, it could be said that the media and commentators are realistic when they present the US/NATO version as if they were the facts. It becomes Facts as a mere consequence of the distribution of power and the willingness of the articulated public to serve its needs. It`s a regular phenomenon. The most recent examples are the Paris Peace Treaty of January 1973 and the Esquipulas Accords of August 1987.

In the first case, the United States was forced to sign after the failure of the Christmas bombings to persuade Hanoi to abandon last October`s agreement between the United States and Vietnam. Kissinger and the White House immediately made it very clear that they would violate all the essential elements of the treaty they signed by presenting another version, adopted in the cover and in the commentary, so that when North Vietnam finally reacted to serious violations of the agreements in the United States, it became an incorrigible aggressor, which had to be punished again as it was. The same tragedy/farce occurred when the presidents of Central America reached the Esquipulas agreement (often referred to as the «Arias Plan») on the strong United States.