Referral Agreement Sample

Below are some of the most common types of submission of the recommendation agreement that you can use: 4. Act as a discoverer only; Non-exclusivity. It goes without saying that Referrer acts only as a discoverer and is not entitled to enter into agreements, obligations or obligations on behalf of the beneficiary or to negotiate the terms of prospect contracts with the beneficiary. Referrer recognizes that the recipient may enter into co-referral agreements or similar agreements with other parties and that the referent has no right over these agreements or to a fee for customers referred by others to the recipient or identified by the recipient himself. The purpose of this document is to provide the conditions for possible client recommendations between Sparkhouse, a California Corporation and , a recommendation is usually paid at the end of the services provided. During the course of the case, if there are withholding fees or payments to the dismissed lawyer, the portion will be paid as the transfer tax at the end of the case. It is customary for the transfer amount to be a percentage of the total amount of fees paid by the customer, including all fallen persons. This agreement defines the terms of the agreement between us so that you will only be able to introduce customers for general insurance. A marriage agreement, or prenup, is a written legal document made before the couple`s marriage.

A marital agreement defines each party`s property and financial rights if the parties separate or in the event of a divorce. 6. Representations and guarantees. Each referent and company ensures and guarantees that (i) it has the right to enter into this agreement and has the right to grant the rights and licences granted to it; (ii) it is not a party to an agreement, contract or agreement that would prevent, limit or hinder its performance; (iii) for the duration, it will not enter into a contract, agreement or agreement that would be contrary or that would undermine the full and complete performance of any of the tasks or grants; and (iv) it is not involved in ongoing claims or litigation that may affect the performance of this agreement. 1. recommendations. Each party may, from time to time, refer potential customers («interested») to the other party by providing and providing a prospectus recommendation form in the attached form in Appendix A, either a) online (b) by e-mail (b), or (c) by fax to the company or partner of the recommendation, when the corresponding notification provided in this agreement or agreed by the company or referral partner. If the person concerned is not an existing or former client of the recipient and has not yet been contacted by the recipient or returned to the recipient, the recipient will inform the referendum of its consent to the person`s recommendation within five (5) working days (by email or fax to the email address or fax number to refer indicated in this contract). If the authorization is not granted within five (5) working days, the prospectus`s recommendation is deemed rejected. The recipient has the exclusive power to authorize or deny a return of prospectuses, including the resolution of disputes between two or more stakeholders, discoverers or other persons. It is expected that Referrer will cooperate with the recipient and, if requested by the recipient, remain actively involved in the recipient`s sales campaign with respect to each prospect recommendation and support the recipient`s solution, as proposed by the recipient for the person concerned.

This document serves as an agreement between ____Superior Alcohol and Drug Programs Tribunal and the referral to the designated agency for court-ordered offenders. If you reach a recommendation agreement with other companies, be sure to create a document to protect your interests. Without any others, you risk damaging your company`s reputation by disgruntled customers or poor recommendations.