Statement Of Intent To Establish A Consortium Agreement

The appropriate programmatic and administrative staff of each organization participating in this grant application are aware of the NIH consortium`s policy of agreement and are prepared to conclude the necessary inter-agency agreements that are consistent with this directive. The Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of a consortium is now confirmed by the signature of the authorized organizing agent on the facial page of the application. This signature certifies that the proposed consortium candidate and all participants agree with the following statement: The letter of intent to create a consortium applies when an institution intends to transfer money to another institution in the form of a subaward. Previously, this form was required for NIH projects and had to be signed by the relevant PNs and a delegated official from each institution. Although it is no longer necessary to complete the individual form, if you receive a specific request for the form, you go to: intention to create an agreement of consortium comments, questions or accessibility issues: