Subcontractor Agreement Nsw Template

The following subcontract was prepared for use by early contractors and subcontractors in the provision of human services funded under the NSW Human Services Agreement. You can download the PDF model from the link below. The guide also contains a checklist for organizations that develop sub-contracts, particularly those that use the «non-profit» sub-contract bill (above). It sets out common key conditions for sub-contracts and an important reflection in the development and execution of subcontracting. In addition, there may be other important issues that should be covered in your sub-contract, depending on the nature of the sub-contract agreement you wish to enter into. Prior to 2017, the DCJ, formerly known as the Department of Families and Community Services (FACS), had other models of contracts with service providers, including the Funding Agreement and the Program Level Agreement (PLA). Since 2017, DCJ has been using the Human Services Agreement (HSA) for new contracts, as old contracts expire. In particular, funding certificates and the PLA have been replaced by the standard HSA conditions and the HSA calendar. Most DCJ contracts expired in June 2020 and HSA will use new contracts from July 2020.

If your organization still needs advice in case of outsourcing as part of the FACS and PLA funding policy, please contact us for assistance. Often, subcontracting must be prepared in haste following the news of a successful tender, and there are many subcontracts in this sector that are insufficient. The last section is actually the instruction clause. Here, you mention the salaried or subcontractor labour that the subcontractor has. Clauses F and G are representative of the subcontractor`s signature and position. Here too, the field of the current date is correct. It is important to note that the conditions for submission are general in nature, since they were developed on the basis of the model agreement on human services, and not on a tailored version of the human services agreement, which may be specific to a specific NSW government authority. Download Checklist 8 — Things you need to keep in mind before entering into a sub-contract. If you need a standard contract instead of a subcontract, please fall into the category: Contract contracts.

Based on the above reasons, the model is only a starting point and does not correspond to all the arrangements. It is important to carefully consider whether the model is suitable for you (including legal advice on the adequacy of the model). When filling out this form, you should provide the following information. The first field requires the nominal name of the subcontractor`s company. Follows the field for a subcontractor`s address. The last field in this section is for the company name of the main contractor. The following field applies to the identification of the contract. Then you`ll find a timed section.

Download our Human Services Agreement sub-contract model as part of our Human Services Agreement guide. This form can be useful for contractors and subcontractors. This form is cleared in two copies. The first is for the main contractor and the second for the subcontractor. This form is accompanied by the corresponding monetary certificate. The subcontractor`s statement is used whenever a person or other legal entity enters into a contract with a principal contractor for certain work. Your use of this website is subject to terms of use and privacy policy A model of contractual subcontracting clauses is generally used by a contractor who requires the assistance of a subcontractor to enter into a party or a complete contract awarded to the contractor. If you are unsure of part of the form, you can use notes on the second page of the subcontractor`s return.