User Agreement Mmt

4.5. If the disruption lasts more than one month, the customer/contractor has the right to determine an additional delay, including notification, that he refuses to accept the sale deal after the expiry of that period. The additional time is at least two weeks. If it is not possible to reach an agreement on a new delivery date, the customer/contractor may terminate the contract by written notification at the end of the additional period. MMT reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept an order from customers without justification. Any contract to provide services by MMT is only concluded when all the money for the service is received by the customer and accepted by MMT Without prejudice to other remedies available to MMT under this agreement, the terms of use or applicable legislation, MMT limits the user`s activity or terminates the user`s list, warns other users of the user`s actions, suspend or terminate user registration temporarily/indefinitely, and/or refuse to grant the user access to the website if: this agreement («user agreement») contains the terms of Go Happy Ride (India) Pvt. Ltd and its related companies («MMT») to provide services to the person or persons («user») who intends to purchase products and/or services; or using MMT`s websites or other MMT customer interface channels that use MMT`s distribution channels, which use their MMT distribution channels, including their MMT distribution channels, including their distribution channels, including MMT distribution services, including their offices, call centers, advertisements, information campaigns, etc. If MMT is not expressly made available in a specific service or delivery item, obtaining sufficient insurance coverage is the user`s obligation/option and MMT does not accept the rights arising from such scenarios. Insurance, if provided as part of MMT`s service or product, must be insured in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insured business. In the event of a claim or dispute, the user will go directly to the insurance company and MMT has not made an explicit or tacit commitment to accept the claims by the insurance company. The user undertakes to compensate, defend and compensate MMT and/or its related companies, their websites and their respective legal successors, and to yield from and against all losses, liabilities, rights, damages, costs and charges (including legal fees and reasonable enms in connection with these interests) that are claimed against MMT and/or its associated companies, its partner websites and their legitimate successors and beneficiaries, or who are due to a violation or non-compliance with a user`s insurance, warranty, agreement or obligation under this agreement, or to be paid as a result of a violation or non-performance.