Wabco Quality Assurance Agreement

-The company is a manufacturer of electronic, mechanical and electromechanical and aerodynamic products for commercial vehicles, buses, trailers and passenger cars. -The company develops, produces and markets advanced braking, stability, suspension, steering, transmission control, air compression and processing systems, primarily for commercial vehicles.-On March 28, 2019, the company announced that it had entered into a definitive merger agreement with ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The transaction will bring together two global technology leaders who combine WABCO`s capabilities in the areas of commercial vehicle safety and efficiency, including dynamic vehicle control technologies, active air suspension systems and fleet management systems, and ZF`s leading position in traction and traction technologies for automotive and commercial vehicles. WABCO Master Supply Agreement AGB (May 2014) WABCO Master Supply Agreement Terms Terms Conditions (April 2012) Vehicle Electronic Systems -Vehicle Electronic Architectures (VEA)-Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) -Modular Door Controllers (MTS) Central Vehicle Modules and Controllers-SCR Water Regulators-Water Pumps for CarsIntelligent Trailer ProgramTrailer Telematics Solutions and Fleet Management-TrailerGuard Trailer System for Trailer -TX-TrailerGuard Fleet Management Solution of the Next Generation-Transics Aerodynamic Opti Fleet Management Trailer for trailers-OptiFlow Tail — OptiFlow AutoTail Aerodynamic Installation — Active Aerodynamic Fixing for TrailerSOptiLock Electronic Security Solutions Safety Solutions Security Solutions WABCO Purchasing Conditions (April 2020 version) WABCO Purchasing Conditions (April 2019 version) >>> Business Report until the end of December. 31, 2011>>> GJ Report ended on 31.12.2012>>>Acse of GJ activity ended on 31.12.2013>>>acser- The GJ report ended on 31.12.2015>>>>>> GJ Business Report ended on 31.12.2016>>> GJ Activity Report ended on 31.12.2017>>> 31, 2018Archives of Past ExhibitsNote: A number in brackets () indicates a loss in -OptiRide — Air suspension-OptiLevel — Electronically controlled air suspension for cars and LCCs — Air suspension Air power units for autosSteering SystemDriveline Controls-Automated manual transmission systems-Modular transmission automation systems Contract terms (April 2012) WABCO Master Supply Accord Terms Terms Terms (April 2012) WABCO Terms of Purchase (version 2019) Mutual confidentiality and confidentiality agreement, Disclosure and Compliance Agreement (Brazil) Changes to Tooling Agreement 2018 (Brasil) Logistics Protocol 2018 (Brasil) Master Supply Agreement 2018 (Brasil) Products and Pricing Agreement 20182018 (Brasil) Project Agreement 2018 (Brasil) Quality Assurance Agreement (Brasil) Terms AND Conditions MS A 2018 (Brasil) Tooling Agreement 2018 (Brasil) Air Compressors and Air Treatment-Electronic Air Processing Devices-Electric Air Cartouches Type of Air Dryer-Mechanical Air-Dry-Air-Air Protection Systems Compact Air Cartridges-Two-tier Air Processing Units Driver Assistance Systems-Optimpace Integrated AirSeuring — Adaptive Economic Cruise Control -OnGuardACTIVE — Rear-end collision mitigation system -Autonomous emergency brake for moving, Vehicle Speed and Stop -OnLane — Lane Maintenance Warning System -TailGUARD — Armour Detection — Automatic Setting for trailers in Loading or unloading mode — Emergency braking alarm for vehicle trailers approaching Anti-Start Opticity — Tire Monitoring System-OnCity — Unique sensor with LIDAR for the detection of the widest vision object OnLaneASSIST — System, Active steering is combined with front camera for active lane correction OnGuardMAX — offers full high-speed braking to avoid rear-onSide collisions — Advanced Blind Spot Detection SystemFoundation Brakes-Air Disc brakes service — Double-membrane spring brakes -Piston spring brake -Piston-Frein spring brake with actionmatic spring Air-over-hydraulic actuators-Electronic Braking Systems (EBS)-Endurance b