Worksheet For Subject Verb Agreement Pdf

Menu Print Name Class Language Manual 2 Agreement Worksheet 6 Exercise Another TopicBal Agreement Subjects (Rules 2 kn) Underline the correct verb in parentheses in each of the following sentences. Example 1. Civics (is, are) a. Name Date Subject-Verb-Match Exercise 1 This document accompanies Exercise 1 of the grammar Bytes! Get the answers by performing the interactive version of the exercise at this address: Directions: Use in Space. Subject/verb match ws 4 Noun Date Period Part i emphasizes the verb in parentheses that best complements each sentence. Example: here is the recipe for my triple chocolate brownies. 1. Pep Club (cheers, cheers) at every football match. 9 Subject verb agreement rules for subject chordVerb Rule 1 a verb corresponds to its subject in number. Singular subjects adopt singular verbs: the car remains in the garage. the flower smells good. there is an old saying: opposites attract.