Milton Hydro Collective Agreement

10.01 The Parties agree to establish a joint committee of equal representatives of the Metropolitan Toronto Road Builders` Association and the Metropolitan Toronto Sewer and Watermain Association within three (3) months of the signing of this Agreement; The Heavy Construction Association of Ontario, the Utility Contractors Association of Ontario and the Labourers International Union of North America, Local 183, to find ways to employ workers who are unable to return to regular work due to injury or illness. Any decision or recommendation of the said Joint Committee shall be binding on all public services bound by this collective agreement or a similar or similar collective agreement. the rates applicable to them; It is also agreed that unless the parties agree on the foregoing within fifteen (15) days of such meeting, then the disputed matter will be submitted and resolved in accordance with the grievance clauses set forth in this Agreement. 4. The «House Basement Agreement» is a collective agreement between the Residential Low-Rise Forming Contractors Association of Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity and the Union. 12. «The Residential Masonry and Masonry Agreement» is a collective agreement between various independent masonry and masonry contractors and the International Union of North American Workers, Local 183. 10. The «Landscaping Agreement» is a collective agreement between landscaping contractors in Sectors 8 and 18 of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the International Union of North American Workers, Local 183. The Townships of Manvers, Hope and Xxxxx and the City of Bowmanville, Newcastle, Port Hope and Millbrook. Northumberland County, including the Townships of Hamilton, Haldimand, Alnwick, the Cities of Cobourg, Grafton and Baltimore, the District of Muskoka and the Townships of Rama, Mara and Torah in Simcoe County.

18. «Canada Pipeline Agreements» are collective agreements between the Canadian Pipeline Contractors Association and the International Union of North American Workers, the Ontario Provincial District Council and affiliated locals. 8.10 Notwithstanding any other provision of the Collective Agreement, it is at the discretion of an arbitrator or board of arbitration appointed in accordance with the Collective Agreement or sections 48, 49 or 133 of the Industrial Relations Act 1995 to extend the time limits in the appeal proceedings and/or referral to arbitration, if justified, and to ensure that the merits of the dispute are established. .