Sag-Aftra New Media Agreement Rates

This is only a minimum. Agents will negotiate prices that far exceed why bigger-budget movies are up to the talent. Background actors receive $174 per day. Understanding SAG rates can be a difficult task for even the most experienced growers. As with anything related to SAG, when in doubt, you should always go to your organization`s website. However, regardless of the level of influence rates on social media, it is important to look at them from a purely financial point of view, just like for an advertising placement. The right questions to ask yourself are: what is the potential scope, return and investment? If your audience matches your target market, could you reach that audience in any other way? Did they do something similar and what were the results? Note that these prices apply to performers of cable and streaming programs. For network emissions, producers should provide an additional budget of 15%. SAG offers various agreements, including initial usage packages that allow for a one-time payment to major players. For work in television, residues begin as soon as a program is rebroadcast or broadcast in video / DVD, pay TV, broadcast television, basic cable or new media. The residues are based on a gross income formula for all episodes of free television series. Substantive actors are not entitled to receive residues for work performed under the SAG-AFTRA basic and television contracts, unless the substantive actor is upgraded to the performer category.

If he is still talking about five lines or less, the program fee for residual purposes is the program fee of five lines or less. If the background actor is otherwise promoted in the actor category, the program fee for residual purposes is the lead actor program fee. SAG Theatrical rates apply to actors who appear in films with a variety of budgets and where the film has had a first theatrical release. For a production aimed directly at a streaming platform with a budget of more than $1 million, you need the new media agreement When they merged in 2012, the list of SAG-AFTRA media artists grew: actors, dancers, program hosts, recording artists, singers, stuntmen, voice actors and other media professionals. The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) was created when two American unions, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), merged. Both unions were founded during the turmoil of the Great Depression in the 1930s with the common mission of fighting and ensuring the strongest protection of media artists. While cinema SAG rates depend on budget, commercial SAG rates depend on where and how often you will be running the ad. The best thing this article does is to refer to the sag Indie view for more information.

I also attended one of SAG`s free seminars, which covers all available contracts in great detail and a Q&A session. Applies to films shot with a total budget of more than $2,000,000 and intended for the first exhibition in a theatrical publication. 1) The union has compromised with super budget filmmakers like you. Instead of postponing the payment and fighting with a brutal payment that would prevent you from distributing your movie (just ask your friends for their experimental contract horror stories), they decided to introduce a package. And there is no upgrade. nothing. It`s a good deal. What is a collective agreement? Collective bargaining is a kind of bargaining process between employers and a group of workers with the common goal of establishing conditions and reaching agreement on the regulation of wages, working conditions, benefits and other aspects of workers` compensation and workers` rights. SAG short project contracts cover films with a total budget of less than $50,000 and a maximum duration of 40 minutes. Unlike other SAG daily rates, actors` salaries are fully negotiable and you don`t have to perform in a theatrical performance. Films shot under this agreement can be shown at film festivals and on free streaming sites such as Vimeo.

Before you get started, it`s important to create a detailed budget for your production, as this will determine your specific SAG rates. Before you can even run the camera, you need to send SAG a budget and a copy of your script. Key values can be difficult to calculate and vary depending on prestige, contract negotiations, an actor`s experience and the type of role played. It`s easier for background player rates, but it still requires careful consideration of when budget planning can be added to a background player tax like bumps, wardrobe modifications, and accessories. .